Helena Fananda’s SS20 collection is a continuation of the last collection called LOVE YOUR BODY.

This collection also focuses on getting women to be more accepting of their bodies, the way it was made. Your body is art no matter the colors, bumps or thoughts in your head.

There are three prints in this collection. A “Cubist Inspired Checker” in my signature pastel colours, which is my way of saying even though you’re not perfect, you’re still beautiful. Another print is the “Imaginary Animal Print” showing that, it doesn’t matter if you don’t look like the rest of the pack, you are still gorgeous! And the most obvious print “Your Body is Art” that just states over and over again that YOUR BODY IS ART, because I think our heads are filled too much with quotes like “how to get the perfect body” and I’m over it! As long as you’re healthy and like the way you look, you are perfection <3