Helena fananda is a ready to wear womens wear brand based in copenhagen, founded in 2017. We design clothing and accessories for brave women who aren’t afraid to show their personality and get a reaction, whether that reaction is provication or smiles.

We have a message

As a fashion brand i strive to make clothing for women (or brave men) that are wearable and respects that they have a job, dishes to wash and the need to dance the house down. Appart from that i strive to tell my stories through the brand, stories about my experiences as a woman in this amazing time where the debate about equality and acceptance, is hot! Some of the topics i love discussing through my designs are the female body, gender equality, sex and sexuality. The goal is to bring some of these topics on the table, through my clothes.


So far all production, except t-shirts, are made in denmark. This is something i will strive to continue to do, but not a promise that i can make for all time, as the garment manufacturing capacity in denmark unfortunately has diminished greatly though the last decades. the promise i can make is that the place of manufacturing will always be something we choose very carefully, in regards to the factory’s safety, conditions and skills.


We are constantly trying to source the best possible fabrics, such as natural Fibres which are decomposes quicker than synthetic Fibres, materials made from 100% contens since it is easier to reuse and organic or recycled fabrics. Enviromentally friendly fabrics are wildy discused, as there are many opinions on which are more sustainable, therefor we keep up with research and the debate to try to make the most enviromentally friendly choices. We also try to source as many fabrics as possible from europe to have the shortest air Freight distances.


Helena fandanda is an independent brand, we sell our collection to multibrand stores and have a small collection on our own webshop. The pieces for sale on the webshop are items made by order, meaning the is no stock and therefor no deadstock. We of course also sell our samples, so they don’t go to waste.


Being a sustainable fashion brand is almost impossible, but luckily there are people out there doing the good Fight for the fashion industry, to be more sustainable and humane. So in order to help them help us be more sustainable, helena fananda donates 5% of proFits to organisations like fashion revolution and clean clothing campaign.