Helena Fananda strives to be an ever evolving and interactive concept. What does this mean? It means that Helena Fananda is my creative outlet for anything I want to share with an audience, no restrictions and no expectations. So wether it’s art, fashion, articles or whatever type of content I feel compelled to create, this is where you find it. 

I always wanted to help change the world for the better and I finally decided to stop being shy about it, so my art will be my point of view on something I want to help improve, either in a larger social/political scale or maybe something smaller that could potentially help an individual feel empowered.

My hope for Helena Fananda is that it can move and change as freely as I do, and be as active or social as it wants, so feel free to contact me about any creative collaboration ideas and let’s talk. 

MADE responsibly

All production is done in the most responsible way possible for my small brand. Posters are printet locally (right next to my apartment actually) and styles are printet at Denmarks only GOTS certified printing house. When choosing manufactures for the styles, I vet to make sure they have a certification that ensures fair conditions. 


I aim to be as transparrent with my production as possible and with the goals of the brand both in regards to my environmental and socially responsible efforts. I am available for direct contact for any questions, I try to be an open book. 


The pieces for sale on the webshop are items made to order, meaning the is no stock and therefor no waste. We of course also sell or gift all our samples, so they don’t go to waste.


As a small brand I of course have a responsibility to be financially profitable, but as a human I also have a responsibility to give back. So I donate 10% of my profits to an origination(s) I see fit for the current time. So far I have donated to “Fashion Revolution” and “Black Lives Matter”.