Love Your Body

Helena Fananda’s AW19 collection, Love Your Body is heavily influenced by Helenas own vision of beautiful designs and a healthy exploration of a woman’s body. The stigma surrounding women’s sexuality is the main focus of the new collection and she hopes that one not only wears it confidently because of how it looks, but also because how it feels to express oneself freely. Helena has often herself wondered why the female body, the vagina in particular, is so stigmatized, even amongst women themselves. Helena can talk about sex and the body for hours with her girlfriends and wishes that other women would do the same, because it is such a freeing experience to able to discuss and get advice in an open forum. The fact that having your period or going to the gynecologist is something that women are embarrassed by out baffles her, and she wishes to make changes in order for the tone to change regarding this topic. The social media platforms are overflowing with body positive messages, and seeing women supporting each other is wonderful. Good things are happening in this regard, changes are being made, slowly but surely. The strides we have made in recent years are incredible, but there is still a long way to go.

Helena has a hunch that the more we hear/see something, the more normalized it becomes, so discussing things openly is a good way to make one’s ear used to the debate of sex and bodies. One of Helenas ideas is putting body positive messages directly on her clothing. She feels that although she is happy that the debate on social media is so prominent, it is only available to those who seek it out. By putting the messages directly on the clothing, the message is being taken to the streets, where everyone will see. By that, the ear and eye will get used to seeing the message, and hopefully, this will make a difference in people’s lives. The debate on why is also something that interests her greatly. What is it that makes the vagina such a taboo? Is it men shaming women? Is it society sexualizing women to the point where they can’t think for themselves? Helena hopes that the vagina will become as easily discussed topics as any other part of the body, as it is, and the end of the day, just another part of your body. And a beautiful one at that. Helena hopes that you not only enjoy her clothes for their style and comfort, but but that this collection can contribute to the debate about the female body, and hear your opinions on the topic.

This collection should feel like a safe space to explore the issue and build womens empowerment.